Sample Dispute Letter - Form and Addresses of Credit Bureaus

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David A. Szwak

Sample Dispute Letter - Form and Addresses of Credit Bureaus

Postby David A. Szwak » Wed Sep 28, 2005 10:38 am



Supervisor, Legal Department
Trans Union LLC
555 West Adams
Chicago, Illinois 60661

Supervisor, Legal Department
CSC Credit Services
652 North Belt East
Houston, Texas 77060

Supervisor, Legal Department
Equifax Info. Services
P.O. Box 740193
Atlanta, Georgia 30374-0193

Supervisor, Legal Department
Experian Info. Solutions
701 Experian Parkway
P.O. Box 1240
Allen, Texas 75002-1240

Supervisor, Legal Department
Innovis Consumer Assistance
P.O. Box 1358
Columbus, OH 43216-1358

Re: Jane Consumer, her address: 1234 Looney Tune Drive, NeverLand, California <<zip code>>> SSN: 123-45-6789, dob 1/2/34.

Dear Sirs or Madams:

I represent Ms. Consumer, as captioned above. My client is employed in a sensitive job classification with the postal service. Her credit reports are monitored by her employer and she learned that her credit reports contained a First USA Bank account, which does not belong to her and for which she has no liability. It is her mother’s account. Her name is Minnie Zealot. My client also learned that one or more debt collectors tied
to the delinquent First USA account may have reported collections about my client. My client was inadvertently listed as an authorized user some years ago by her well-meaning mother. My client has not used this account and is not liable for the account.
Please reinvestigate and remove any First USA account reference or collection item appearing in her file. Her file should be clear of any negative reference.

Again, please reinvestigate her disputes, remove these matters from her credit reports. Please send this lady a full, corrected credit report. Thank you.


David A. Szwak

xc: Supervisor, Legal Department, First USA Bank

Szwak, David A.

CSC - Alternate Address: Where to Send Disputes

Postby Szwak, David A. » Thu Oct 06, 2005 10:18 am

CSC has been trying to avoid receipt of disputes in Houston but has been listing this address as a dispute mail address:

CSC Credit Services
P.O. Box 619044
Dallas, TX 75261-9044
(800) 759-5979


Postby Guest » Sun Nov 13, 2005 7:44 am

Thanks, I'll report them to the appropriate congressional committee

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