Do You Have to Prove You Are an ID Theft Victim?

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Do You Have to Prove You Are an ID Theft Victim?

Postby Administrator » Sun Oct 02, 2005 4:48 pm

How do I prove that I'm an identity theft victim?

First, the onus is not on you to "prove" anything; it is on the duped lender[s] to prove you owe anything. Your job is to act reasonably to notify the dupes; assuming you can locate them.

Applications or other transaction records related to the theft of your identity may by helpful to share. For example, you may be able to show that the signature on an application is not yours. These documents also may contain information about the identity thief that is valuable to law enforcement. By law, companies must give you a copy of the application or other business transaction records relating to your identity theft if you submit your request in writing. Be sure to ask the company representative where you should mail your request. Companies must provide these records at no charge to you within 30 days of receipt of your request and your supporting documents. You also may give permission to any law enforcement agency to get these records, or ask in your written request that a copy of these records be sent to a particular law enforcement officer.

The company can ask you for:

• proof of your identity. This may be a photocopy of a government-issued ID card, the same type of information the identity thief used to open or access the account, or the type of information the company usually requests from applicants or customers, and

• a police report and a completed affidavit, which may be the ID Theft Affidavit (PDF, 56 KB) or the company's own affidavit.

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