Equifax Online Dispute Mechanism

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David A. Szwak

Equifax Online Dispute Mechanism

Postby David A. Szwak » Mon Oct 17, 2005 9:23 pm

Here is an excerpt from Alicia Fluellen's depo on August 31, 2005 in Minnick v. Nelnet Corp related to an April 18, 2004 online dispute:

23 Q Okay. So looking at the ACIS case for May
24 7th, 2004, are the Nelnet disputes reflected on the
25 bottom of Page EIS0062 and going to the top of

1 EIS0065?
2 A Yes.
3 Q At the bottom of 0062, where it says FCRA
4 comments, quote, I have all documentation on this
5 loan from inception to payoff. I have never been
6 late on this loan period. Records available upon
7 request, period, close quote.
8 Is that what Mr. Minnick entered into the
9 Equifax dispute -- the online dispute of the form?

10 A Well, I see part of that on Page 338-07
11 through 08, and that is what the consumer does enter
12 in.
13 Q That appears to be the same comments at
14 the bottom of EIS0062 for Nelnet's account and on
15 0063 for the Nelnet account there and 0064 for that
16 Nelnet account and 0065, or the top part of that,
17 for the Nelnet account; is that correct?
18 A Yes, sir.
19 Q Is that comment directly communicated to
20 Nelnet once the consumer is complete making their
21 disputes online?
22 MR. DONSBACH: Can you read that back,
23 please.
24 (Thereupon, the designated
25 portion was read back by the

1 court reporter.)
2 MR. DONSBACH: Objection, vague and
3 ambiguous, unintelligible.
4 A The FCRA comments that are a part of the
5 dispute are also part of the consumer-dispute
6 verification form. They're there under the FCRA
7 relevant comments section.

8 MR. STEMPLER: Move to strike as
9 nonresponsive.
11 Q I wanted to find out if the information in
12 that -- that appears as FCRA comments was
13 communicated directly to Nelnet as part of the
14 reinvestigation process of these four accounts?
15 A Yes. My previous answer stated so, yes.

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