Mixed File Department Training at Experian [XPN]

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David A. Szwak

Mixed File Department Training at Experian [XPN]

Postby David A. Szwak » Wed Nov 23, 2005 6:03 pm

21 Q. What is the difference, in terms of training and
22 experience, between people in the mixed file department and
23 your -- I guess what we would call the bullpen employees,
24 the regular CRS representatives?
25 A. I never referred to them as bullpen, but --

1 Q. That's a term that Dan McLoon offered me, so I'm
2 using what I thought was a term of art.
3 A. There is a -- more of an analytical training.
4 They are trained to spot variations of social security
5 numbers, addresses and -- so it's just a higher degree of
6 awareness.
7 Q. Are they normally employees who have been there
8 for a longer period of time?
9 A. Usually, they don't train an employee until
10 they've at least been on the floor for six months to a
11 year. But they're not necessarily -- it's probably more in
12 tune to the personality of the employee and how analytical
13 they are.
14 Q. Are there special manuals or training policies and
15 procedures provided them on how to handle matters?
16 A. Miners?
17 Q. Matters.
18 A. I'm sorry. Mixed file -- there is a mixed file
19 procedure manual.
20 Q. How thick is that manual?
21 A. It's not very thick.
22 Q. A few pages?
23 A. Depends on what you mean by "a few." It's
24 probably --
25 Q. The whole manual?

1 A. -- less than 20.
2 Q. About 20 pages?
3 A. Less than 20, I would say.
4 Q. If you don't mind, if I could please get a copy of
5 that manual. I don't know that -- I may have it. I may
6 not. But I certainly wouldn't want to use an old copy
7 unless your counsel agreed to it. So if you don't mind, I
8 would greatly appreciate it.
9 A. Okay.

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