List of Equifax/CSC Mixed File Cases

Father-Son, Mother-Daughter, Junior-Senior-Trey [Generational Designators], Common Names, Variations on Social Security Numbers and Other Mixed File Issues
David A. Szwak

List of Equifax/CSC Mixed File Cases

Postby David A. Szwak » Tue Oct 11, 2005 6:26 pm

Credit Boy, Post your mixed file cases here. I know you had a running list of the EXF cases.

Moore v. CSC, et al, ED Texas


Mixed File Cases - Equifax

Postby ChrisKittell » Wed Nov 16, 2005 10:08 am

Here are cases that Equifax identified as mixed file cases filed against it:

John P. Gause v. Equifax (MD AL 2001)
Heather Leigh Smith v. Equifax (MD AL 2002)
Joan Neighbors Williams v. Equifax (Selby County, AL Circuit Court 2002)
Jennifer Lambert v. Equifax (SD AL 2002)
Daren Keith Montgomery v. Equifax (SD AL 1999)
Ben W. Bane v. Equifax (Hillsborough County FL Circuit Court 1999)
Anna Beaulialice v. Equifax (ED PA 2002)
Maria Bingenheimer v. Equifax (SC Common Pleas Richland County 2000)
Sandra K. Brown v. Equifax (ED VA 2001)
Jimmy Lamar Carter, Jr. v. Equifax (MD GA 2002)
Frank Davis Jr. v. Equifax (SC Common Pleas Orangeburg County 2000)
Teresa F. Davis v. Equifax (VA General District Court - Newport News 1999)
Duane Delozier v. equifax (NM District Court Lea County 1999)
Charles David DeMarque v. Equifax (TX District Court, Tarrant County 1999)
Michael J. & Victoria Dembovsky v. Equifax (D MN 1999)
Johnny Frazier v. Equifax (MO Circuit Court, Jackson County 2000)
Glen M. Harston, II v. Equifax (ND IL 1999)
Kim & Rodger Hopkins v. Equifax (SD MS 2000)
Helon K. Jefferson v. Equifax (SC Common Pleas Anderson County 2002)
Judd Thomas Jenkins v. Equifax (SD MS 2001)
Peter J. Johnson III v. Equifax (ED PA 1999)
Peter C. Kapustynski v. Equifax (ED PA 2002)
Janet Ladner v. Equifax (SD MS 1998)
Clara Martinez v. Equifax (FL Circuit Court Dade County 2001)
Marth M. McMillan v. Equifax (SC Common Pleas Marion County 2000)
Kathy Ann Mull v. Equifax (WV Circuit Court, Berkeley County 1999)
Roger Lee Gordon Robbin v. Equifax (WD WA 1998)
Ernest A. & Peggy Skinner v. Equifax (ND OK 2002)
Sokha Son v. Equifax (WD WA 2002)
Angela Cecile Stroud v. Equifax (SC Common Pleas, Allendale County 2001)
Russel Alden Taylor v. Equifax (ED CA 2001)
Judy C. Thomas v. Equifax (OR Circuit Court, Multnomah County)
Levonia Williams v. Equifax (D SC 1998)
Raymond Louis Wise v. Equifax (SC Common Pleas, Orangeburg County 1999)

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