Mixed Files: Causation to Damage: Lowry v. CBI

Father-Son, Mother-Daughter, Junior-Senior-Trey [Generational Designators], Common Names, Variations on Social Security Numbers and Other Mixed File Issues
David A. Szwak

Mixed Files: Causation to Damage: Lowry v. CBI

Postby David A. Szwak » Mon Oct 24, 2005 5:55 pm

If party has credit difficulties because of confusion of two similar computer reports, subject's "file" must be viewed as totality of conflicting information which is causing credit uncertainty; under this view, and language of Fair Credit Reporting Act requiring reinvestigation after accuracy of file is disputed, consumer reporting agency is obligated to reinvestigate accuracy of information as it relates to subject of inquiry.

Lowry v. Credit Bureau, Inc. of Georgia
444 F.Supp. 541
D.C.Ga. 1978.

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