fico score 613

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fico score 613

Postby TEETOM » Wed Nov 23, 2005 6:28 pm

my fico score is 613 but it close to a 100 point difference ex701 trans710 can i request equfax to rescore me cause of the big difference in points
thanks :(

David A. Szwak

Postby David A. Szwak » Sat Nov 26, 2005 7:23 am

If I read this right, your Experian score is high and TU is high but Equifax/CSC score is lower and you are unsure why but want them to reconsider/re-score you to help your overall appearance.

600-700 is considered marginal credit, while 700+ is generally considered good credit or exceptional when you exceed 750+

It seems to me that your Equifax file must contain some items which are damaging your score and report overall.

I think that paying a reseller to re-score and reinvestigate at a substantial sum per item is likely not the answer. If you write Equifax and request "re-score" they will treat it as a normal reinvestigation request that is too vague unless you request reinvestigation of certain specified items.

I would obtain your credit report disclosures and contact Equifax's legal department or outside counsel, listed in this forum in a posting, and ask them to reinvestigate these errors in writing. Advise them of the urgency to handle this matter. Copy the letter to Equifax, CSC, and even TU and Experian. Be specific in your disputes.

I am not a proponent of Rapid Re-Score and the like. The CRAs set up resellers to permit them to sell mortgage reports and then demand monies to reinvestigate by claiming that these puppet resellers are not CRAs thus permitted to charge monies for immediate reinvestigations. What better incentive to screw up credit reports? To be able then, through a ruse, to charge for reinvestigation at anywhere between $20 to $150 PER TRADE/ITEM reinvestigated.

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Joined: Sat Nov 12, 2005 1:31 pm

Thanks for your reply

Postby TEETOM » Sat Nov 26, 2005 10:20 am

thank you David A. Szwak for your response to my question so ar you saying take my dispute up with the legal department and csc?

David A. Szwak

Postby David A. Szwak » Sat Nov 26, 2005 3:03 pm

I would contact of these folks and ask them to expedite corrections so that your future credit scores will be corrected. Document everything and confirm in writing with "cc's" to everyone.

Equifax National Litigation Counsel:

Mara McRae
Brad Miller
John Friedline
Camille Averett
Amy Greenstein
Lewis Perling
Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP
1100 Peachtree Street, Ste. 2800
Atlanta, Georgia 30309-4530

Equifax In House Counsel

Kent E. Mast, (General Counsel) born 1943; admitted to bar, 1968, Georgia. Education: Princeton University (A.B., 1965); Duke University (J.D., 1968). Order of the Coif. Note Editor, Duke Law Journal, 1967-1968. Member: Atlanta and American (Member, Antitrust Section and Litigation Section) Bar Associations; State Bar of Georgia (Chairman, Antitrust Section, 1976-1977). Responsibilities: Business Law; Litigation; Corporate Law; Consumer Law; Privacy Law.

Julie S. Shirley, (Deputy General Counsel) born 1960; admitted to bar, 1989, Georgia. Education: Georgia State University (B.A., summa cum laude, 1986; J.D., cum laude, 1989). Order of the Coif. Member, Georgia State University Law Review, 1988-1989. Member: State Bar of Georgia; American Bar Association. Responsibilities: Business Law; Consumer Law; Corporate Law; Litigation.

Robert R. Zecher, (Associate Group Counsel) born 1948; admitted to bar, 1988, Colorado; 1990, Georgia. Education: California State University-Long Beach (B.S., 1973); University of Denver (J.D., 1988). Member: Colorado State Bar Association; State Bar of Georgia. Responsibilities: Business Law; Contracts; Consumer Law.

Alicia Fluellen
Lynn Hudziak
Maynard D. Bryant
Supervisors - Office of Consumer Affairs
Equifax Information Services, LLC.
P.O. Box 105139, IMC 67-P
Altlanta, GA 30348
(404) 745-7941
FaX (404) 745-7954

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