Equifax Frozen Scans/Archived Snapshots of the Database

David A. Szwak

Equifax Frozen Scans/Archived Snapshots of the Database

Postby David A. Szwak » Mon Oct 17, 2005 2:51 pm

Here is an excerpt from Alicia Fluellen's depo on August 31, 2005 in
Minnick v. Nelnet Corp related to an April 18, 2004 online dispute:

9 Q Going to the next set of documents, which
10 are frozen scans --
11 Are these called frozen scans, by the way?
12 A Yes, sir.
13 Q -- here at EIS0193 through EIS0233?
14 A Okay. I have them.
15 Q What are these documents called in Equifax
16 vernacular?
17 A It's frozen database scans.
18 Q Explain what it is, please.
19 A Each month the system takes a snapshot of
20 itself for disaster recovery purposes, and from that
21 we can request from the business unit a copy of how
22 a particular consumer's credit file looked for a
23 particular month. And when that's printed out,
24 that's when it's called a frozen scan.
25 Q This page that we're -- that's on top is

1 EIS0193. It says, file activity 10/23/04.
2 Is that the date of this snapshot of
3 Mr. Minnick's data file?
4 A I'm going to be honest. I've never
5 actually seen that date. It possibly could be.
6 I've never seen an actually date on those. I'll
7 have to verify that. That's something new.
8 Q Is there any other information that you
9 can get from looking at this first frozen scan on
10 the date on which the snapshot was taken?
11 A No. Normally, what I've been provided is
12 that the snapshot is normally taken at the end of
13 the month; but it's never a specific date set in
14 stone. Again, this is the -- I've been looking at
15 frozen scans for quite a period of time now, and
16 it's the first time I've seen an activity date on
17 them.
18 Q Well, this is attached to several -- this
19 page is attached to several other pages by staple on
20 my copy. Towards the back of the stapled set is
21 EIS0198 and EIS0199, which has different activity
22 dates from the one appearing on the first page.
23 A (Witness reviews documents).
Snip . . .
5 A I think these are daily scans requested
6 for a particular date as opposed to monthly scans.
8 Q Oh. So there's a difference from -- from
9 the frozen scans you've seen previously?
10 A It's the same information. You're still
11 looking at a snapshot of a consumer's credit file.
12 They serve the same purpose, but I was just confused
13 by the date.

14 Q Is there any indication, from looking at
15 this page, of when the snapshot is or do you have to
16 do some further research on that file activity date?
17 A I'd better say that I need to do some more
18 research, but I believe it was August 23rd or --
19 excuse me -- October 23rd, 2004.
20 Q What does -- let's review the information
21 on this just so I understand the format of a frozen
22 scan.
23 A Okay.
24 Q I see that the first information is the
25 name of the consumer.

1 Does Equifax prepare a frozen scan for
2 every consumer in its database?
3 A No. Again, it's -- you can request a copy
4 of a credit file for a consumer, but it's not
5 prepared on a daily basis. I mean, these don't
6 print out just because. You have to make a request
7 for how a consumer's credit file looked for a period
8 of time.

9 Q But something you said earlier was that
10 Equifax prepares these on a -- usually a monthly
11 basis, in case of some kind of a catastrophe, they
12 could -- they could use it to recover?
13 A Correct.
14 Q So does Equifax prepare one at that time,
15 whatever date it decides to do it for that month,
16 for every consumer within its database?
17 A Well, yeah. I mean, it's -- every
18 consumer makes up the database, but the intent is to
19 make -- take a snapshot of the database itself.

20 Q After the information concerning the name
21 of the consumer and their address is reported a
22 telephone number. So you have date of birth and
23 Social Security number.
24 And then we have the employment
25 information; is that right?

1 A Yes.
2 Q And then they list the inquiries?
3 A Yes.

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