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24-Month Payment History
View payment history of applicants for 24 months.

Predict the likelihood that a new or existing account will become delinquent within 24 months after scoring.

Consumer Referral Location
Receive the bureau address in addition to a credit report.

Credit Profile Report US/Canada
The Credit Profile Report contains information from credit grantors, courts, and collection agencies regarding the historical loans by the consumer.

Using just a Social Security number, DTEC quickly and cost efficiently searches the nationwide Equifax database of consumer files returning any matching individuals.

No description available.

Designed by and for collection professionals, Finders provides the skip-locate impact of a full credit report.

Fraud Advisor
A comprehensive fraud-prevention product that identifies, rank-orders and translates risk potential while verifying consumer ID information at the point of application.

Access geographical information in addition to a Credit Profile report.

ID Report
This product will assist your business in locating consumers when a social security number is not available.

Persona is a product that provides demographic and financial information that can be used by employers to aid in the hiring process.

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