Types of Credit Reporting Errors

Get information and post information on credit report errors not involving theft of identity.
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Types of Credit Reporting Errors

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Types of Inaccuracies in Credit Files and Reports

The following are among the types of inaccuracies that appear in credit files and the reports derived from
  • • Inclusion of accounts or records in a credit file that do not belong to the
    consumer, commonly called a mixed file: Credit reports can contain trade lines or
    public records about a consumer other than the one who is the subject of the credit

    • Omission of accounts or records belonging to the consumer: A credit account or
    public record that belongs to the consumer’s file can be erroneously placed in another
    consumer’s file, leading to a mixed file, as described above.58 Alternatively, credit bureau
    matching algorithms or gaps in data can lead to a consumer trade line being kept separate
    from the rest of the consumer’s file.

    • Trade line or record inaccurately represents information pertaining to the
    consumer’s account with the creditor: A credit file can inaccurately depict the terms
    and status of a valid account such as inaccurately depicting the date an account was
    closed, the credit limit for the account, or whether a trade line is delinquent. Similarly, a
    collection item on the report may inaccurately reflect the payment status of the debt or
    the amount of money owed.
It is worth noting that in some cases consumers are mistaken about the presence of
inaccuracies in their account. For example, a consumer may believe he or she paid a bill
when it was not paid. A consumer may believe that paying an item in collection removes
the collection history from one’s credit report, which it does not. A consumer may
believe he or she paid an account on time, when under the terms of the account, it was
late. Or a consumer may simply not recognize a trade line even though it is legitimate.

http://files.consumerfinance.gov/f/2012 ... -paper.pdf

Article by: Chris Green

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